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New! COVID 19 - Socially Distanced Classrooms

Sovereign Buildings provide bespoke Portable, Prefabricated and Modular solutions for any setting and any use. Known for delivery - on time and on budget - Sovereign provide a one-stop shop to help you provide extra space - quickly.

Established over 25 years ago - the skilled, experienced Team at Sovereign will work with you to design and build the right solution for you. Our in-house Design, Project Management and Construction Teams will listen to your requirements and work in partnership with you to provide the most cost-effective buildings that meet your brief.

New! COVID 19 - Socially Distanced Classrooms - Back to school for All In response to the Government instruction to get children back to school - Sovereign have developed a socially distanced temporary (or permanent) Classroom to help mitigate the teacher and pupil risk.

The new Classroom has now won the backing of North Warwickshire MP Craig Tracey and sparked a stream of enquiries from all levels.

The new Portable Classroom - can accomodate upto 32 children at a social distance of 1.4m and a teacher a 2.3m and can be installed onsite in one day. The Classrooms are delivered to site, wheeled into position, fully installed and come complete with fixed desks, hand-sanitiser units and hygenic hard surfaces for ease of cleaning.

Other Building Styles

Portable - If you have uneven ground or don't want to damage the surface below - then a portable building could be the solution for you. Each building is built on a Chassis and therefore can pitched and levelled on most surfaces - including a playground or playing field. They are quick and easy to install in one day, as the full construction will have taken place beforehand - with no groundworks or craning required. And then if you want to move them to another location - they can be easily towed and re-sited.

Modular - A modular building is a prefabricated building that consists of repeated sections called Modules. Modularity involves constructing sections away from the building site, then delivering them to the intended site. The installation of the Modules, to make into the larger building is completed on site in a few days. They can be single-storey or double height and can link together to make a seamless build.

Prefabricated - Single-storey cabins or double height full buildings can be manufactured in sections offsite and then assembled onsite - in a much shorter timescale and providing much less disruption than a traditional build. This option allows for a more design-led building style and finish, but again is quicker to install onsite than a traditional build.

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